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OKEP-4368: OKEP Template

  • Issue: #4368 (Every OKEP must have an associated enhancement tracking issue that is added to the ovn-kubernetes repo, so please open one if you don't have one yet. Then use the Issue number xxxx as the unique number for the OKEP-xxxx number as well as use the same file naming convention as used in this template. So the OKEP file name must be - The goal is that that github issue will have disucssion details about this feature - using meeting notes; slack threads for discussions is not desired as preserving history is hard)

Problem Statement

(1-2 sentence summary of the problem we are trying to solve here)


(Bullet list of Primary goals of this proposal.)


(Bullet list of What is explicitly out of scope for this proposal.)


(Can link to external doc -- but we should bias towards copying the content into the OKEP as online documents are easier to lose -- e.g. owner messes up the permissions, accidental deletion) Give a good detailed introduction to the problem including the ecosystem information


(What new user-stories/use-cases does this OKEP introduce?)

A user story should typically have a summary structured this way:

  1. As a [user concerned by the story]
  2. I want [goal of the story]
  3. so that [reason for the story]

The “so that” part is optional if more details are provided in the description. A story can also be supplemented with examples, diagrams, or additional notes.


Story 1: Deny traffic at a cluster level

As a cluster admin, I want to apply non-overridable deny rules to certain pod(s) and(or) Namespace(s) that isolate the selected resources from all other cluster internal traffic.

For Example: The admin wishes to protect a sensitive namespace by applying an AdminNetworkPolicy which denies ingress from all other in-cluster resources for all ports and protocols.

Proposed Solution

What is the proposed solution to solve the problem statement?

API Details

(... details, can point to PR PoC with changes but this section has to be explained in depth including details about each API field and validation details)

  • add details if ovnkube API is changing

Implementation Details

(... details on what changes will be made to ovnkube to achieve the proposal; go as deep as possible; use diagrams wherever it makes sense)

  • add details for differences between default mode and interconnect mode if any
  • add details for differences between lgw and sgw modes if any
  • add config knob details if any

Testing Details

  • Unit Testing details
  • E2E Testing details
  • API Testing details
  • Scale Testing details
  • Cross Feature Testing details - coverage for interaction with other features

Documentation Details

  • New proposed additions to for end users to get started with this feature
  • when you open an OKEP PR; you must also edit to include the path to your new OKEP (i.e Feature Title: okeps/)

Risks, Known Limitations and Mitigations

OVN Kubernetes Version Skew

which version is this feature planned to be introduced in? check repo milestones/releases to get this information for when the next release is planned for


(List other design alternatives and why we did not go in that direction)


(Add any additional document links. Again, we should try to avoid too much content not in version control to avoid broken links)