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SDN Dashboards

This helm chart installs the dashboards for ovn-kubernetes. The dashboards are installed for the following SDN components: - OVN Central / North Daemon - OVN Central / Northbound DB - OVN Central / Southbound DB - OVN Host / Controller - Host / OVS - OVN K8S / Node Agent - OVN K8S / Cluster Manager

helm install sdn-dashboard sdn-dashboard/


Key Type Default Description
global.enableDPUDashboards bool
Displays DPU panels in the dashboards if set to true
global.namespace string
Namespace where the dashboards are installed. Same as the namespace where prometheus and grafana are installed.

Before, installing this helm chart, prometheus and grafana must be pre-installed.

Installing prometheus-grafana helm chart

The kube-prometheus-stack helm chart installs prometheus and grafana.

helm repo add prometheus-community
helm install kube-prometheus-stack prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack -n <desired_namespace> --set prometheusOperator.tls.enabled=false --set prometheusOperator.admissionWebhooks.enabled=false --set prometheusOperator.admissionWebhooks.patch.enabled=false

By default this chart installs additional, dependent charts: - prometheus-community/kube-state-metrics - prometheus-community/prometheus-node-exporter - grafana/grafana

After configuring Prometheus and Grafana and installing sdn-dashboard helm chart, ovn-kubernetes can be installed and the metrics will be scraped.

Port Forwarding to access Grafana and Prometheus UI

kubectl -n <desired_namespace> port-forward deployment/kube-prometheus-stack-grafana 3000:3000 --address

kubectl -n <desired_namespace> port-forward prometheus-kube-prometheus-stack-prometheus-0 9090:9090 --address

Credentials to access the dashboard

Username: admin

Password: prom-operator