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Hybrid Overlay


The hybrid overlay feature creates VXLAN tunnels to nodes in the cluster that have been excluded from the ovn-kubernetes overlay using the no-hostsubnet-nodes config option.

These tunnels allow pods on ovn-kubernetes nodes to communicate directly with other pods on nodes that do not run ovn-kubernetes.


The feature can be enabled at runtime, but requires that the VXLAN UDP port (4789) be accessible on every node in the cluster. The cluster administrator is responsible for ensuring this port is open on all nodes.

Hybrid overlay uses the third IP address on every node's logical switch as the gateway for traffic to hybrid overlay nodes. If the feature is enabled after the cluster has been installed, and a pod on the node is using the address, that pod will no longer work correctly until it has been killed and restarted. This is not handled automatically.

It is recommended the hybrid overlay feature be enabled at cluster install time.