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Developer Documentation

This file aims to have information that is useful to the people contributing to this repo.

Generating ovsdb bindings using modelgen

In order to generate the latest NBDB and SBDB bindings, we have a tool called modelgen which lives in the libovsdb repo: It is a code generator that uses pkg/nbdb/gen.go and pkg/sbdb/gen.go files to auto-generate the models and additional code like deep-copy methods.

In order to use this tool do the following:

$ cd go-controller/
$ make modelgen
curl -sSL${OVN_SCHEMA_VERSION}/ovn-nb.ovsschema -o pkg/nbdb/ovn-nb.ovsschema
curl -sSL${OVN_SCHEMA_VERSION}/ovn-sb.ovsschema -o pkg/sbdb/ovn-sb.ovsschema

If there are new bindings then you should see the changes being generated in the pkg/nbdb and pkg/sbdb parts of the repo. Include them and push a commit!

NOTE1: You have to pay attention to the version of the commit hash used to download the modelgen client. While the client doesn't change too often it can also become outdated causing wrong generations. So keep in mind to re-install modelgen with latest commits and change the hash value in the hack/ file if you find it outdated.

NOTE2: From time to time we always bump our fedora version of OVN used by KIND. But we oftentimes forget to update the OVN_SCHEMA_VERSION in our Makefile which is used to download the ovsdb schema. If that version seems to be outdated, probably best to update that as well and re-generate the schema bindings.

Generating CRD yamls using codegen

In order to generate the latest yaml files for a given CRD or to add a new CRD, once the types.go has been created according to sig-apimachinery docs, the developer can run make codegen to be able to generate all the clientgen, listers and informers for the new CRD along with the deep-copy methods and actual yaml files which get created in _output/crd folder and are copied over to dist/templates to then be used when creating a KIND cluster.