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OVN-Kubernetes Container Images

This file covers the container images available for OVN-Kubernetes and how to build them.

Images / Packages

There are Ubuntu and Fedora-based images available in GitHub's Registry. They are automatically generated upon merges via a workflow. Prior to release-1.0, they were called ovn-kube-f (for the Fedora-based image) and ovnkube-u (for the Ubuntu-based image). From release 1.0 and beyond, these have been renamed to ovn-kube-fedora and ovn-kube-ubuntu, respectively.

Therefore, use the following images and tags to obtain these images:




Building Images

To build images locally, use the following Makefile and their respective Dockerfiles from the dist/images folder in this repository.

$ cd dist/images
$ make fedora
$ make ubuntu

The build will create an image called ovn-kube-fedora:latest or ovn-kube-ubuntu:latest, which can be re-tagged. For example: ${OCI_BIN} tag ovn-kube-fedora:latest